Tuesday, November 13, 2007

USA-Russia end medal game with line brawl

Interesting note in Greg Drinnan's blog today:
Russia beat the U.S. 2-1 in the under-17 Four Nations Cup that ended in Dmitrov, Russia, on Sunday. The big news is that the teams engaged in a post-game bench-clearing – yes, bench-clearing – brawl. There are some photos here . . . There is some grainy video here . . . Don’t bother looking for any mention of this on USA Hockey’s website because, well, there isn’t any . . .
Sure enough the USA Hockey game report conveniently omits the penalty recap. The video may be inconclusive as to who started the brouhaha, but the omission speaks volumes.

This doesn't equal the Canada-Russia line brawl at the 1987 World Juniors but it's still a black eye on international competition. Even less classy, USA wasn't on the ice when Russia received their gold medals. Russia had won the final game 2-1.



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