Monday, October 29, 2007

Jones joins suspended Flyers list

Flyers defenseman Randy Jones received a two-game suspension for his check on Patrice Bergeron, which left the Bruins center motionless on the ice. You can see the video here if you haven't already.

The hit was reckless but hardly malicious, particularly when compared to the acts of his Philly teammates Steve Downie and Jesse Boulerice. Had Bergeron suffered anything more serious than a concussion and broken nose, no doubt the punishment would have been harsher.

It's hardly fair to paint Jones with the same brush, but you have to wonder what Flyers management is putting in the players' water bottles. With the exception of one game between the Senators and Panthers, the rest of the league seems to get it while Philadelphia has managed to rack up their third suspension.

Is it a run of unrelated incidents or the return of the Broad Street Bullies?

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