Monday, November 05, 2007

Rangers Watch: PHI 0, NYR 2

And it's another 2-0 victory for the Rangers and Henrik Lundqvist's 4th shutout on the season. The King is no Marty Brodeur when it comes to handling the puck, but other than that there appears to be no flaw in his game right now.

Unfortunately, the Rangers still lack confidence in finding the back of the net. Martin Biron made some nifty saves for the Flyers, but New York padded his save percentage with some easy shots and little traffic.

If the Rangers can keep the defense up, they won't need to score more than a couple goals a night. They can afford to be patient when striking first (which they did each game of their extended homestand going 5-1). But what about when they don't pot the first one? Can they come from behind? That's a test New York still needs to pass before graduating.

Here's my idea from for a new revenue stream: Mic up Sean Avery and charge fans to subscribe to the feed. At risk of calling the Blueshirts' current style boring, listening to Avery would definitely liven up the games.

Recaps: Y!/AP, TSN Broadband



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