Saturday, November 03, 2007

Rangers Watch: NJD 1, NYR 2 (SO)

Tonight the Rangers beat the Devils at their own game. Both teams play a similar defensive, aggressive forechecking style. It came down to the shootout - no longer the most exciting thing in hockey - where Tom Renney went with the young(er) guns over the big boys.

Renney also juggled the lines this evening, this time without completely destroying the team's fragile equilibrium. The Devils aren't quite deep enough to handle the three scoring lines New York iced tonight. Fortunately for New Jersey, the Rangers' scoring lines don't actually score.

And so it was another low-scoring affair. Kinda boring hockey but when it comes to the Rangers, I'll take a winning team over an exciting one. There are 29 other teams I can watch if I want to be entertained and I won't be cussing them out if they lose.

Recaps: Y!/AP, TSN Broadband



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