Friday, August 03, 2007

Burke picks picks over Penner

I'd brag I called it but it was a no-brainer decision. Brian Burke chose the Oilers 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks over resigning Dustin Penner.

Here's my next prediction: This will be the undoing of Kevin Lowe in Edmonton.

Here's how it will go down...

  • Penner cracks under the weight of his $4M contract. Increased minutes doesn't result in increased points for the winger, not without Getzlaf and Perry dishing him the puck.
  • The Oilers struggle through much of 07-08. Their lack of depth - and heart now that Smyth is gone - becomes painfully obvious. The Oilers fans and media will quickly turn on both Perry and Lowe.
  • Lowe fires coach Craig MacTavish in hopes of saving his own job. Just ask Burke how the Oilers' GM treats his friends.
  • Edmonton finishes in the bottom of the Northwest division, giving the Ducks some excellent picks in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft. Unfortunately, Bettman doesn't exempt John Tavares into the draft.
  • Lowe gets canned the day after the Oilers end their lackluster season. Neil Smith interviews for the vacant GM spot.
  • With Lowe having served as scapegoat, Penner explodes for 50 goals during the 08-09 season.
  • Finally worth his contract, the Oilers trade Penner back to the Ducks for a first round pick and one more ball in the draft lottery. Phoenix wins and takes Tavares.
And if that's how it happens, I will brag.

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