Monday, July 30, 2007

The Avery Arbitration

Sean Avery and the New York Rangers went to arbitration today. The feisty winger wasn't thrilled with Glen Sather's comments about him, but you don't go to these hearings hoping to mend fences.

The Blueshirt Bulletin gives a pretty good overview of the comparables both parties might have in their briefs as well as which player salaries are ineligible as evidence.

Any contract signed as an UFA can't be presented. But what about Dustin Penner? He and Avery have similar enough stats. (For quick reference: Avery, Penner) He's a RFA.

Well, unfortunately, Penner doesn't yet have a contract with either the Ducks or the Oilers until Brian Burke decides his fate - and the GM has seven days from the date of the offer sheet to do so.

Whether it was to help Sather or merely sweat out Kevin Lowe some more, Burke's procrastination maybe be the Rangers' biggest coup this summer.

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