Friday, August 17, 2007

Ron Low quiety reappears behind NHL bench

In the wake of Bryan Murray's move upstairs, the Senators recently made some additions to their coaching staff. Ron Low has been named assistant coach.

Low has kept a relatively low profile (ooh, bad pun, sorry) since he lost his job as Rangers head coach. He hasn't been out of the game, however, scouting for New York and Ottawa and most recently as the Sens' goalie coach.

With six years of head coaching experience between the Rangers and Oilers, I'm surprised the usual blog heads haven't made more of Low's return to the bench. I would have at least expected Blueshirt Bulletin, who covers all things even tangentially connected to the Rangers, to have made note of it. Heck, they were first to the Billy Tibbetts story.

But then again, we're not talking about the return of Al Arbour here. Low never broke .500 at the helm of either NHL team.

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