Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ouch, my eyes!

The Islanders unveiled their new RBK Edge jersey. It's not pretty and I'm not talking about DiPietro:

Wow, makes you miss the fisherman.

The Sabres jerseys grow on you in an arena football sort of way, but this is all over the place...neck tie, piping, chest numbers, two-tone sleeves. Adding the kitchen sink as well would have weighted the players down, which is not in keeping with the Edge design.

The Isles will debut the duds when they face the Rangers on September 24. Plenty of time for Avery to prepare a few jersey inspired insults.

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At 10:28 AM , Anonymous bagpacker said...

This is the real reason that milbury was relieved of his duties. Aledgedly, when asked for comment, the honorable wang said " this is why i should stick to designing computer interface systems". " the one thing that i have learned in my short time as gm, is that you have to do something to take the focus off of another dismal freeagent season" added gm garth snow " i think this does that perfectly. " this looks like something that yash ( yashin) would wear to the clubs, we should pack them up and send them to russia for his team to wear" stated the reluctant model, islanders franchise goaltender rick dipietro.


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