Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Finally, some news

Today the boredom of the off-season eased ever so slightly to answer the following questions:

Will the Rangers sign Michael Peca? No. After giving it up to Chris Drury and Scott Gomez on the first date, Glen Sather has become quite the tease. First he leads on Sheldon Souray and now he refuses to put out for Peca. Now Peca will be donning a Blue Jacket instead of a Blueshirt.

Will the Canucks resign Trevor Linden? Yes. Don't know if Linden can build on his playoff performance as a checking winger but props to Dave Nonis for doing right by the team's fans.

Will Sidney Crosby diversify? Well, of course. It's never too early in your superstar career to think about life after hockey. Today Sid started laying the groundwork for his next gig in fashion by introducing his new line of clothes with Reebok.

What's going to happen to Continental Airlines Arena? I dunno, but the Devils aren't the only ones not sticking around to find out. Continental is dropping their naming rights deal. Personally, I never stopped calling it the Brendan Byrne.

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