Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rangers Watch: NJD 0, NYR 2

Is it just me or did the Rangers cut the tail off their jerseys? I was so distracted by it (and grateful for it), I almost missed the Rangers score - twice no less.

I wouldn't declare an end to the Rangers' scoring drought just yet. Their big four upfront still only have 5 goals in 9 games this season. Both tonight came off the stick of Nigel Dawes, who even without beating the Devils singlehandedly would have been the best player on the ice.

New York merely returned to baseline tonight. They're back to executing a system offensively, the forecheck was strong, and their shots were quality chances. However, the oft discuss chemistry is still lacking. On the controlled breakout, too many times the swing support almost tripped over the Rangers defenseman trying to make the first pass.

All in all, tonight's win should quell the rebellious MSG fans for another day. The Rangers will need to build on it to prove they're the team they are on paper.

I wonder if the league keeps stats on interference penalties drawn by goalies. Surely, Martin Brodeur would be a league leader. He's only slightly more tolerable than Dwayne Roloson who likes to punctuate his backflips by crying to the ref. Needless to say, I thought Paul Mara's goalie interference call was more of a dive. than a Sean Avery crease crash. But if he's gonna flop like that, you might as well earn it.

Last thought: why can't Marcel Hossa play like that when he's on the third line?

Recaps: Y!/AP, TSN Broadband



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