Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rangers Watch: OTT 3, NYR 1

While it was a better effort this time around, it still only took the Senators a minute - 52 seconds to be exact - to undo the Rangers. In that time, Ottawa created a 3 goal hole which the Rangers couldn't climb out of.

Despite New York earning more scoring chances, the game was remarkably similar to their first meeting of the season. Quick goals by the Sens killed (they had two in 58 seconds in the Rangers first 0-2 loss) and Martin Gerber stood tall. The saves were much tougher this time around but Gerber made them look just as easy. Pugilist Ray Emery may have to win his job back when he returns from his reconditioning stint.

Another solid outing by Henrik Lundqvist, but unfortunately he can't score goals for his team as well. The Rangers are going to have to find some offensive if they plan to best Cup-ready teams like Ottawa.

Rookie Brandon Dubinsky's stepped up his game with the possibility of being replaced by free agent Dave Scatchard. This was his strongest game of the season and earns him another chance to prove himself to the coaches. (Assuming he's still not loony from his scrap with Luke Richardson.)

Mark Staal, on the other hand, can sign a lease for a Manhattan apartment. He's going to be here for awhile. This kid doesn't make the same mistake twice. The more you play him the better he gets.

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