Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Janssen set to go for his second point

Megapest Cam Janssen resigned with the Devils today, as the team announced a number of new contracts. Janssen increased his scoring last season by, well, finally notching a point. While that may be the only NHL goal puck he collects in his career, he can always proudly show his kids the Verizon commercial which features his highlight clip.

Seriously? There wasn't a single hockey fan involved in the creation of that ad to say that not only is it the most unexciting clip ever, it's effing Cam Janssen? You mean to tell me with Elias, Parise and Gionta - heck I'll even throw in Brodeur who's made a spectacular save or two - there wasn't a better highlight to choose from?

Well, maybe Janssen will score another one so there's some footage for the next commercial.

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