Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rangers-Islanders Brawl

Well, it didn't take long for the first goalie fight of the season. Rick DiPietro and Al Montoya went at it after a line brawl erupted in front of DiPietro's net. Here you go, fight fans:

And the winner is...DiPietro!

I'm not sure why if a player is suspended, you're still allowed to dress him for pre-season action. From the game report and highlights, it appears as if Chris Simon was gunning for Ryan Hollweg as the game went on. You'd think it'd be the other way around. After all, it was Hollweg who took it in the yams.

There were a few other scraps in the game as well. Here's the undercard:
Sutton vs. Dubinsky
Hilbert vs. Pock
Brennan vs. Strudwick
Orr vs. Simon

Without two points on the line, this game was sure to dissolve as it did. The spectacle could have been avoided if either Simon or Hollweg were healthy scratches. (Tell me again why Simon should be allowed to play under suspension?)

Perhaps it's better they got it out of their system while the games mean very little. I'd hate to see Simon take another head whack at someone rather than just drop his gloves, though it seems just a matter of time before his name goes down in history with Marty McSorley's.

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