Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More on the Downie-McAmmond affair

"I didn't mean to hurt him and I hope he's OK. My game's to hit and to finish the check. I'm just trying to earn a spot on the roster. It's part of my game and I apologize for him getting hurt. I thought I got him clean. Once we hit the boards after, I asked if he was okay."

- Steve Downie

Gee, how gentlemanly of you. Don't suppose he had much of an answer, being unconscious and all.

God, I hate this kid. What a waste of hockey talent.

There are players who push it to the edge in finishing their checks (Ryan Hollweg) and there are those who attempt to injure (Colby Armstrong). While the former is questionable, there is no room for the latter, which includes Downie.

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