Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Georges Laraque on Fighting

Ever wonder what exactly The Code is for hockey fights? Montreal pugilist Georges Laraque explains:
The Code is unwritten -- everyone knows it, but not everyone follows it, and those who don't are not respected. When you retire, respect is all you have left, and you want people to say that you were honourable at all times. At least I do.

The Code says things like:
  • not fighting a guy at the end of his shift
  • not jumping guys to get a head start
  • never punch a guy when he's down (that's the most important thing for me; players -- and referees -- know I never do)
  • and, especially, don't celebrate after a fight. You see that stuff a lot in junior hockey, but for guys who do it in the NHL, it's embarrassing and shows no respect for the other guy. Remember that everything you do comes back to you; you do that, it will happen to you because everyone is watching and talking!
Laraque expounds more on fighting and his "job" in the NHL in his blog for Pretty good read.

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