Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rangers score 2 many goals....again

It seems the Rangers have a preseason game every day. In fact, they have six in eight days before heading off to Europe for a couple more. That's a great end to the summer for any Ranger fan, unless you're on the left coast where the box score is the only evidence there even was a game let alone get a look at the prospects.

Thanks to the internet age, I can at least catch the highlights on But you don't need those to notice a disturbing trend: New York's inability to score more than two goals a game. Actually, anything other than two goals.

The Rangers are sporting a 1-3 record, but I don't put a lot stock in preseason standings. All three loses were a 3-2 final score, which is a disturbing trend and, I shudder to think, a glimpse of the future.

Blueshirt fans can accept a losing season. It's like riding a bike. You never really forget. But if you're going to lose, lose big. There's nothing more frustrating than watching games slip through your fingers. Hope can be a cruel mistress.

Speaking of hope, how about Petr Nedved? With a goal and assist tonight, he's making it hard for coach Tom Renney to send him back home to the Czech league.

Update: Rangers managed to score exactly two goals again tonight in their loss to the Lightning. Will this madness ever end!? Nedved was held pointless and a minus two, so perhaps his return from the dead is not so likely after all.



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