Thursday, April 17, 2008

Emery skirts the blame

"I don't take responsibility for the team losing in the playoffs I can tell you that much," Emery told reporters Thursday as the team cleaned out their lockers.

"I wasn't playing as much as I wanted to and they (management) were coming at me, upset with me - I was pissed off," said Emery. "I thought, you take a team to the finals you're the guy until you're bad enough not to be the guy kind of thing, and I shouldn't have treated it that way."


Um, actually that's exactly right, Ray. Your 3.10 GAA and .890 SV% was worse than Martin Gerber's 2.72 and .910. And Gerber pitched a couple shutouts as well. You weren't "the guy". Far from it.

Granted, I don't blame Emery for the Senators' collapse either. Not many people do. But I don't think Senator fans will miss the diva goaltender, who's clearly thrown his team under the bus while trying to write his ticket out of Ottawa. With two years remaining at $3.25M and $3.5M, he's not going anywhere fast.

In his blog, James Mirtle looks at the economics of buying Emery out. It's more likely the Senators will send him down to start next season with the secret hope another team will plucks Emery off the waiver wire before he reaches Binghamton.

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