Saturday, September 08, 2007

AHL gets new threads too

We've been hearing about the new RBK Edge jerseys - sorry, i mean "uniform system" - that all 30 NHL teams are adopting. Did you know the AHL will be wearing the new sweaters as well?

The AHL has even been kind enough to put a gallery together. (And BTW, there's a nice gallery of the NHL jerseys here.)

Riddle me this: how can an AHL club (a league notorious for crappy duds) manage to do a better job than their NHL parent?

Yes, I'm talking about those awful Isles unis again. But do you blame me? Thanks to the NHL's rivalry-heavy schedule, I'm forced to stare at those ugly things 59 times this year. I'm might have to start following a team closer to home. Go Nucks!

Oh wait, did you see their jerseys?

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