Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Lightning Sold: Koules Saw Them First

Money was on megaproducer Jerry Bruckheimer to be the first Hollywood guy with an NHL franchise. Then, out of nowhere, the Lightning announce they have been sold to a group lead by fired Blue Jackets GM Doug MacLean. Among the investors: Oren Koules.

Who you say?

While Koules' resume doesn't have the sparkle of Bruckheimer's (Pirates of the Caribbean, Bad Boys, CSI), he's no lightweight either. Koules produced the infamous Saw series.

Bruckheimer has not been shy about his love of hockey, but Koules lived it, albeit as a minor leaguer.

One thing's for sure, now that Koules is charged with the team's marketing, expect a little more pizazz during intermissions at the St. Pete Times Forum.

PS. MacLean is yet another former GM who did some time as a commentator for TSN before finding another hockey desk. (Brian Burke did the same between the Nucks and Ducks.) Expect to see Neil Smith take another turn in front of the camera soon.



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