Monday, August 13, 2007

August in the NHL: Anything is noteworthy

After a few days of absolutely nothing going on in the NHL, the wire perked up today:

The Yotes picked up Alex Auld. No doubt he'll find David Aebischer much less intimidating than Ed Belfour.

Mike Ricci called it a career. He was never the same after he cut his hair.

The Oilers name Rob Daum to the coaching staff. Expect him to be considered for interim coach sometime during the season.

Oh, and Billy Tibbetts found himself in cuffs again. How many chances can one guy get? Tibbetts has played for a new team (sometimes more than one) every year from junior on, except those he was in the clink. Please, GMs of the world, hear this: For the pride of the game, stop giving this guy a jersey.

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