Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mottau Joins Islanders and Elite Eight

Hobey Baker winner cum NHL journeyman Mike Mottau completes the New York area trifecta today by signing with a two-year, $1.6M contract with the Islanders. That got me thinking. Who else has played for the Rangers, Devils and Islanders?

It must be early in the morning, because I got as far as Vladimir Malakhov before my brain froze. But thanks to HockeyDB and, I've filled in the gaps. Here are the eight players who've donned (or will don in Mottau's case) all three sweaters:

Pat Conacher
Sergei Nemchinov

Joel Bouchard
Vladimir Malakhov
Mike Mottau

Mike Dunham
John Vanbiesbrouck
Kevin Weekes

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Intent to Blow

If you're a fan of The Onion and the NHL, you'll love Intent to Blow. While it possibly hit a bit too close to home, as all good humor does, I quite enjoyed today's piece on Rangers fans waiving their team.

H/T to Bourne's Blog.

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Beat writer blog rolls updated

As another season descends, I took some time to update the NHL and WHL blog rolls. I've also added the writer's Twitter handle where I know it. If you have a blog or Twitter to add, please email it to: hockeyramablog AT gmail DOT com.

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