Thursday, September 06, 2007

Great Scott, make up your mind already!

The Ducks called a press conference today so that Scott Niedermayer could address the open question of his possible retirement.

And the answer is...

...he's still deciding.

I'm sure those journalists are glad they trekked to the Honda Center for the non-announcement.

On a more serious note, my mind is starting to speculate on why he can't make a decision. Niedermayer never struck me as player who would put his team in this position. His $6.75M salary handcuffs the Ducks with respect to making any player moves -- resigning Teemu Selanne or trading for another elite winger, for example -- not to mention the distraction it continues to create.

I wonder if there's an unreported health issue. Is it simply indecision or is he waiting on a doctor's OK? If in fact it is the former, it's time for the Captain to put the team first and declare his intention.

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