Friday, September 21, 2007

Fight vs. fashion

“I practice all summer to be a good fighter and now they have this new jersey.”

- Jaromir Jagr

A little tounge-in-cheek from Jags but apparently the RBK Edge System seems to be a hit with everyone except the goons. The snug sweaters don't have a lot to grab hold of in a tussle - and they're even harder to wriggle out of should you get tied up, that is if they don't rip in half first.

Devils megapest Cam Janssen found this out the hard way in a scrap with the Flyers' Jesse Boulerice. He's now undergoing surgery to repair a dislocated shoulder, a previous condition aggrevated by getting his a** handed to him by Boulerice twice in one night. The good news for Devils fans is that New Jersey may now be forced to dress someone with some actual talent in Janssen's place.



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